On our service and consumer information about changing health funds, doctors' bills, waiting periods, tips and other guides for consumers.

  • Health Insurance Choice
    Choosing a Health Insurance Policy
  • Waiting Periods for Health Insurance
    How and why waiting periods work, including pre-existing conditions
  • The Right to Change

    The Right to Change
    A consumer guide to transferring from one health insurance product to another
  • Brochure on Doctors' Bills
    Managing doctor's bills and potential out-of-pocket costs
  • 10 Golden Rules of Private Health Insurance

    10 Golden Rules of Private Health Insurance
    Ten tips to help avoid problems with your health insurance
  • Making A Complaint

    Making A Complaint
    What to do if you want to make a complaint
  • About Our Service

    About Our Service
    PHIO's commitment to service
    Australia's leading independent source of information about private health insurance.
  • Lifetime Health Cover

    Lifetime Health Cover: What you need to know
    The rules about Lifetime Health Cover loading
  • Private Patients' Hospital Charter
    Know your rights and responsibilities as a private patient in hospital

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